b.e.a.m's general practice is an initial telephone conversation to establish the client’s areas of discomfort.

For the first treatment, the client will be required to fill out a consultation form and a disclaimer. During which there will be further discussion of the muscular pain and possible movement assessment.

  • Initial consultation and treatment will last 1hour 15mins
  • Ongoing treatments will last 1 hour

At the end of a treatment if needed the client will be advised to carry out some exercises/stretches at home to increase mobility and aid recovery.

Then b.e.a.m therapies recommends a course of 1 – 6 sessions, the first 3 being close together to obtain optimum results and then once a month maintenance sessions if pain has subsided.
If you’re in pain…. Do something about it!
b.e.a.m has a network of professional therapists including Physiotherapists, homeopaths and acupuncturists that if it’s not something b.e.a.m can help you with …. We know someone who can!

Additional treatments:
Hot Stones – a full body hot stone massage is a pure indulgence for the mind and the body. The volcanic stones contain a high iron content with helps retain the heat. Therefore, it provides a deep relaxation as the heat melts muscular tension, it increases circulation of blood flow around the body aiding digestion, relieves chronic aches, increases flexibitity in the joints, calms the mind and detoxifies the body.

If your suffering from chronic lower back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Insomnia then this is the treatment for you.

Please take out… do something about it!

Important - b.e.a.m therapies requires a 24-hour cancellation policy. If the time cannot be refilled the client could be eligible for the cost of the treatment room hire.