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"I initially saw Maxine after getting a serious knee injury during an Olympic distance triathlon. On the first consultation, she was able to centralise the injury in my IT band. Then through extensive massaging and manipulation she quickly realised the injury was caused by problems of over strain in my glutes, hamstring and calf muscles. Over a number of sessions using a range of massage techniques, including deep tissue, myofascial and hot stones. She was able to release the strains in my muscles and make my knee pain free. She was also able to educate me with number of stretches to make sure the strains didn’t return and keep my knee pain free. I was impressed with Maxine’s professionalism, speed of diagnose and ability to get to the root of the problem and then solve it using a range of massaging techniques. Letting me return to normal training very quickly and pain free"

Jimi Tait 15th February 2017

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"Having suffered with tight calves and was about to complete a 10mile trail race, which was expected to have lots of hills. I went to see Maxine at Beam for a focused massage. Maxine was able to release the tightness that I was feeling and gave me the confidence that I wouldn’t injure myself. Which I didn’t! Since then the massages I’ve had with Maxine make me feel amazingly reenergised. Maxine understands where those tight spots are without having to explain. 10/10 every time!"

Justine Ridgway Derrick 15th February 2017

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"I recently strained some muscles in my back and neck and I was recommended to get in touch with Maxine to see if she could help. It was a lovely relaxing environment with nice chilled music and after a consultation and 2 sessions Maxine has skillfully managed to put me together again! I highly recommend Maxine and b.e.a.m. therapies."

Nick Cochrane 15th February 2017

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As well as looking after our regular personal training clients, Maxine also ensures our OCR athletes are well taken care of.
A lot of endurance and technical training goes into making sure our athletes are ready for key events.
Fundamentally, the most important thing is that they are able to maintain that level of intensity through out the season, and avoid injury.
Maxine's contribution has been paramount. Seeing our team rank 9th at the World Championships and place 3rd in the UK national league all thanks to them being able to maximise their performances.
Maxine looks after our athletes pre and post events and does a first class job. Her love for sports shows as she knows exactly what our athletes go through during events."

Team Pro-Fit 20th February 2017